Escondido-Based Excellence:

Our headquarters are located in the vibrant skateboarding community of Escondido. We're not just a company; we're a part of the culture. And we're proud to bring you the finest decks crafted with passion and precision.

  • Minimum Order of 20 Decks:

    We understand that serious skateboarders need options. That's why we offer a minimum order of just 20 decks, allowing you to mix and match styles and sizes to suit your preferences.

  • Swift 3-Week Turnaround Time:

    We know you can't wait to hit the streets and show off your new deck. That's why we've streamlined our production process to ensure a lightning-fast 3-week turnaround time from order to delivery.

  • New Clients Welcome:

    We're excited to welcome new clients into our Perfect Skateboard MFG family. Experience the quality, style, and innovation that sets us apart from the rest.

  • Transparent hologram

  • Gold

  • Hologram

  • Graphics Process

    Our printing process doesn't compromise on quality. We use the latest technology and meticulous attention to detail to ensure that every line, color, and nuance of your design is faithfully reproduced on your skateboard.

  • Custom Griptape

    Limitless Customization: Create a grip tape that's as unique as you are! From intricate designs and patterns to your own artwork, our customization options know no bounds.

  • 20 years experience

    Designed for Everyone: Whether you're a street skater, a park enthusiast, or a vert daredevil, our decks are engineered to meet your specific needs. From bros to pros, Perfect Skateboard MFG has a deck that's perfect for you.

Lightning-Fast Shipping:

We're not just about quick production – we're all about rapid delivery too. With our expedited shipping options, you'll have your Perfect Skateboard MFG decks in your hands in no time.

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Frequent Asked Questions

How long is the wait time

Transfers take 2 weeks to make and have them ship to our door step, then 1 weeks to start productions

This is my first time making a graphic what is the process

We will send you a template,for you or your graphic designer, size file 9x33 and send the art work back when you are done

Can I pick up from your warehouse

Yes, we are located in Escondido


About us

At Perfect Skateboard MFG, we are more than just a company; we are a dedicated family of skateboard enthusiasts who have been proudly serving the vibrant skateboarding community for a decade. Our journey began with a simple yet resolute mission: to craft exceptional skateboards that mirror our passion for the sport and contribute to the growth of skate culture worldwide.

A Decade of Commitment: For the past ten years, we've been unwavering in our commitment to producing top-quality skateboards that embody both style and performance. Our journey has been defined by countless hours of design, innovation, and collaboration with riders of all skill levels. We have not only survived but thrived in this industry, thanks to the unshakable support of our loyal customers, partners, and the broader skateboard community.

United with the Locals: Perfect Skateboard MFG has always been grounded in community spirit. We believe that skateboarding is more than just a sport; it's a way of life. Over the years, we've had the privilege of skating alongside locals, forging lasting friendships, and becoming an integral part of the local skate scenes. Our shared passion for skateboarding has allowed us to connect on a deeper level and contribute to the growth and evolution of the sport within our communities.

Empowering Through Events: A key highlight of our journey has been our active involvement in hosting and supporting various skateboard events. we have strived to create platforms that showcase the talents of both amateur and professional skateboarders. These events not only celebrate the raw energy of skateboarding but also foster a sense of camaraderie and unity among enthusiasts.

Our Vision: At Perfect Skateboard MFG, we envision a world where skateboarding transcends boundaries and brings people together. We remain steadfast in our dedication to designing and manufacturing skateboards that not only perform impeccably but also resonate with the individuality and creativity of every rider. Our aim is to continue fostering a global community where individuals can express themselves, push their limits, and find their own perfect ride.

Thank You: As we reflect on the incredible journey of the past ten years, we are humbled and grateful for the support that has brought us to this milestone. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our customers, partners, and the entire skateboarding community for believing in us and joining us on this remarkable adventure. With your continued support, we are excited to embark on the next chapter, one that promises even more innovation, connection, and excitement within the world of skateboarding.

Here's to a decade of perfect rides, unforgettable memories, and an enduring commitment to the skateboarding community.

Ride on,
The Perfect Skateboard MFG Team

  • Engraving

    Custom Artistry: Unleash your creativity with laser engraving that transforms your skateboard into a canvas of self-expression. From intricate patterns to your own designs, our state-of-the-art laser technology brings your imagination to life.

  • Die-Cut

    Applying our Die-Cut Griptape is a breeze! The pre-cut designs are tailored to fit your skateboard perfectly.

  • Photo Engraving

    Personalization at Its Finest:
    Customize your skateboard like never before! With our state-of-the-art laser engraving technology, you can turn your favorite photos, intricate designs, logos, or artwork into stunning masterpieces that you'll be proud to display.

  • Laser engraving/ Foil

    In house laser engraving and foil/hologram application, NO more waiting weeks or months for your personalized skateboard decks,