• Limitless Customization:

    Create a grip tape that's as unique as you are! From intricate designs and patterns to your own artwork, our customization options know no bounds.

  • Premium Quality:

    Crafted from high-grade materials, our grip tape offers superior grip, control, and durability. Conquer the streets and skateparks with confidence, knowing your board responds to every move.

  • Express Yourself:

    Your skateboard is an extension of your personality, so why settle for ordinary grip tape? With Perfect Skateboard MFG, you can showcase your passions, interests, and style on every ride.

  • Die-cut

    With our state of the art laser engraving machine, we are to cut wait time of 4 weeks into 1-2 weeks with our in house service

  • Transparent Griptape

    Show the Colorful and vibrant stain of the veneer with our transparent griptape.

  • Full graphic griptape

    Perfect Skateboard MFG's Custom Grip Tape! Our premium quality grip tape is designed to enhance your skateboarding needs while showcasing your personal style like never before.